[olsr-dev] auto ip address assignment

Andreas Tønnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Apr 24 09:55:17 CEST 2006

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the motivating scenario ;-) But let me start of by saying that
olsrd is not only my child now - it is the work of a lot of fine people
from around the world!
As for the IP autoconfig part I agree that this is probably the most
important part left to create a plug-n-play mesh solution. But I think
that there is no need to make a complicated solution(like the one in my
thesis) quite yet in community networks. I'd like a KISS solution and I
have suggeted using good ol' DHCP with olsrd forwarding reqs/resps(due to
lack of multicast/broadcast). However, one might consider creating a new
distributed solution mainly based on weak/passive-DAD much like the
NOA-OLSR suggestion. In our networks (or rather your networks since I
don't use olsrd ;-) ) MPR forwarding is basically disabled so there is no
need for all the stuff in the NOA draft IMO. What I would like however is
for the configuring node to send an active "warning" of the IP it is
planning to use so that the solution actually has a active side as well.
Still, I am in the process of moving from one city to another,
redecorating a new house and selling our old appartment so there is really
no time for olsrd coding right now. But given some time I might give it a
shot if nobody else does.

- Andreas

> Hi Andy, ah ok I see, haven´t read it carefully enough thanks, was this
> company meshnode? well you know, edonkey is closed and emule is open as
> well.. or cybertv.com is forbidden by premiere and cybertivi.com is now an
> established third party product as well. I really believe, that it is fun
> to
> motivate 5 people to take part and open their DSL, but should it be a
> must?
> (as you yourself write, how hard it is). I really believe that people will
> only open the networks, if the IP adress is autosigned. So if you cannot
> release the code in c+ and as you know how the system has to work, then
> write the same in perl or java as a plugin again and help the third party
> developer. This code text would be free then. and: Why OLSR? if this
> company
> product is better than OLSR? Then let´s use this, even if it is closed.
> And
> as always: We do not need a description here why it is not possible - we
> want solutions here... And the main work is here to persue you, which say
> we
> do not take part.. (for which reason ever, clone yourself and make it a
> little bit different). Well, you understand me right, OLSR is your child
> and
> it is like driving a bike with additional wheels - I just want to see your
> child biking towards school with a 2-wheel-bike - not in the childgarden
> with additional wheels... There should be no wireless chip without OLSR
> running in every country... Isn´t that a motivating vision?
> - Tom
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>> > capabilities. As there is written there is already a code to have
>> auto
>> ip
>> > address assignment, if the main developer is not releasing it, I
>> dunno,
>> > why
>> > he is not sending the code to the thrid party asking members, to have
>> then
>> > really a plugin by a third party. there is nothing more boring to have
>> the
>> > work twice and one saying, I have done it already but do not share it
>> to
>> > you. Well, this may have ideologic reasons, but if this is so, then
>> there
>> > is...
>> I have explained this _so_ many times now...
>> The plugin I wrote was written as paied work for a company and it was
>> not
>> open sourced. There is NOTHING I can do about this since I do not hold
>> the
>> copyright to that code.
>> The whole scheme is explained in my thesis(as quoted by one of the
>> replies
>> to this mail).
>> - Andreas
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