[olsr-dev] auto ip address assignment

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Sun Apr 23 11:32:43 CEST 2006

Hi Andy, ah ok I see, haven´t read it carefully enough thanks, was this
company meshnode? well you know, edonkey is closed and emule is open as
well.. or cybertv.com is forbidden by premiere and cybertivi.com is now an
established third party product as well. I really believe, that it is fun to
motivate 5 people to take part and open their DSL, but should it be a must?
(as you yourself write, how hard it is). I really believe that people will
only open the networks, if the IP adress is autosigned. So if you cannot
release the code in c+ and as you know how the system has to work, then
write the same in perl or java as a plugin again and help the third party
developer. This code text would be free then. and: Why OLSR? if this company
product is better than OLSR? Then let´s use this, even if it is closed. And
as always: We do not need a description here why it is not possible - we
want solutions here... And the main work is here to persue you, which say we
do not take part.. (for which reason ever, clone yourself and make it a
little bit different). Well, you understand me right, OLSR is your child and
it is like driving a bike with additional wheels - I just want to see your
child biking towards school with a 2-wheel-bike - not in the childgarden
with additional wheels... There should be no wireless chip without OLSR
running in every country... Isn´t that a motivating vision?

- Tom

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> Betreff: Re: [olsr-dev] auto ip address assignment
> Datum: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 09:36:53 +0200 (CEST)
> > capabilities. As there is written there is already a code to have  auto
> ip
> > address assignment, if the main developer is not releasing it, I dunno,
> > why
> > he is not sending the code to the thrid party asking members, to have
> then
> > really a plugin by a third party. there is nothing more boring to have
> the
> > work twice and one saying, I have done it already but do not share it to
> > you. Well, this may have ideologic reasons, but if this is so, then
> there
> > is...
> I have explained this _so_ many times now...
> The plugin I wrote was written as paied work for a company and it was not
> open sourced. There is NOTHING I can do about this since I do not hold the
> copyright to that code.
> The whole scheme is explained in my thesis(as quoted by one of the replies
> to this mail).
> - Andreas
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