[olsr-dev] e2e / hybrid / carddriver

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Thu Apr 27 19:26:06 CEST 2006


as every node is logging each nodeĀ“s activities, would it be possible to
implement end to end encryption after the route is found into OLSR?

Furthermore, is a laptop without OLSR installed able to join the network
nodes?  Would it be possible to have routers with bandwidth for alle three, 
- the owner of the router and his own (private) download bandwidth, 
- the meshing OLSR node a few hops away 
- and a Laptop with a normal wifi chip without OLSR in the nearest circle of
the node?

so it the OLSR network only for OLSR node or can WIFI nodes take part as

Third: here is a link for a linux protocol to make each lan card or pc an
acess point / Router for several R-T Connecitions. OLSR would be much more
sucessful, if not only router are the milestones, but every laptop with a
wifi card.



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