[olsr-dev] Service discover

Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 13 16:52:01 CEST 2006


same thoughts everywhere. JensN from berlin freifunk has put togehter a 
patch on top of the brunos nameservice plugin. Integrated into freifunk / 
testing yesterday. Needs only +700 bytes bloat (cause the nameserice is 
integral part of freifunk). Critical things (besides the service propagation 
with olsr message flooding) still needed to be realized:

a) Web UI to configure that thing
b) cron job to verify a service / switch off propagation of unvail
c) Web UI to show "Services in this mesh"

We're currently collecting additional softs / project addons on a freifunk 
svn server. May be good chance for coordination if we can bundle that stuff 
at a central place. Currently talking to Lorzenz (txtinfo-plugin, olsrd-viz 
javascript app) to integrate there, batman and hOrst served there. If 
interested please apply to alx-aet-dd19.de for an account.

@alex / elektra: Dunno the status of the svn. Still no https devel access?

LG Sven-Ola

"Thomas Clavier" <(spam-protected)> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
> Hello All,
> Tito and Greg from Lille (France) works on a plugin to propagate on
> an OLSR network what services are available (IRC, web site, jabber
> server, etc ...)
> Principles :
> ------------
> On all nodes with services, you declare services in an xml file, for 
> exemple :
> [service]
> type="chat"
> description="a very beautiful IRC server"
> uri="irc://"
> The plugin get all informations from all nodes and make a local html page. 
> Now you can add a bookmark to http://localhost:8090/ to look available 
> services.
> My request :
> ------------
> Is it possible to add this plugin in official OLSR cvs ? if true, can you 
> add 3 peoples (Tito, greg, and me) in authorised group to modify cvs ?
> You can browse subversion repository at this URL :
> http://tcweb.org/websvn/listing.php?repname=servicediscover&path=%2F&sc=0
> and download last tgz here : 
> ftp://ftp.tcweb.org/pub/svn/servicediscover.tgz
> -- 
> Thomas Clavier                  http://www.tcweb.org
> Lille Sans Fil                  http://www.lillesansfil.org
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