[olsr-dev] auto ip address assignment

Dan Flett (spam-protected)
Tue Apr 4 00:53:36 CEST 2006

I strongly believe that a decent, working implementation of auto address
assignment for OLSR will cause a revolution in the popularity of mesh
Imagine a pure "black box" mesh node - you just power it up and instantly
you have a self-configured mesh node. Without needing any general or
specific knowledge about networking - the intelligence is all inside the
black box. Lack of knowledge and unwillingness to learn are at present
barriers to participation in a mesh network.  If it was made super-easy then
the only barrier would be willingness to participate.
Revolutions in the uptake in technology have been caused not by the
invention of the technology, but by making the technology the most
user-friendly possible.  I'd love to see a mesh network node that simply has
an on/off switch - making it a household appliance and easily understood by
the mainstream population.



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2006/4/3, Jens Nachtigall <(spam-protected)>: 

> We've thought that using any existing implementation could be a good idea
> (like PACMAN <http://sourceforge.net/projects/pacman-autoconf/>). 

I had a look at PACMAN a year ago, it is not working with the current olsrd
release, also it only works on linux. But the ideas of pacman as described
the paper, are quite good, if I remember right. So if were you, i would read

that paper and reimplement these ideas all from scratch in a olsrd plugin.
The algos in the paper are enough to get it working, afaikr.

Yes, it's the path that we would follow. PACMAN works as a daemon such that
olsrd is not aware of his existence (as far as I'm concerned). The idea was
to turn this code into an olsrd plugin in order to work closely with olsrd. 

Please also note, that nobody uses the original olsr-rfc-protocol, but
the enhancements like etx. I think in the freifunk firmware, which most
meshes use, also the MPRs are switched off, i.e. every node behaves linke an
MPR. So the hierarchie is flat. This is because, the MPR idea did not work 

I didn't know that... it sounds quite frustrating. MPR seemed to be a good

Good luck on implementing. Rather get started, there are already so many
papers on meshes, but code is rare ;-)

All the best,




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