[Olsr-users] multiple domains in olsrv2

Gabriel (spam-protected)
Wed Oct 3 09:45:31 CEST 2018

Il 2018-10-02 12:50 Henning Rogge ha scritto:
> After looking through the sourcecode I think I found the issue... the
> current codebase demands that each entry has a filter for the IP
> addresses, even if its only "default_accept".
> config route_modifier
>          option name '1'
>          option matches 'default_accept'
>          option prefix_length '0'
>          option table '112'
> fixes the issue (the default for 'matches' contains 'default_reject').
> I wonder if this default should be changed.
> Henning
So i think we have two problems:
the acl should be 'default accept' as you said, otherwise you always 
have to explicitly allow something.

the UCI parser in OONF have problems with named sections:
I tryied the 4 possibilities w and w\o section name and option name and 
OONF doesn't work if you specify the section name without specifyin an 
option name.
IMHO the option name is redundant and we should only use the section 


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