[Olsr-users] ansible-olsrd2

Nemesis (spam-protected)
Thu Feb 16 10:32:08 CET 2017

Hi everyone,

in some of our ninux.org communities we are trying to build reproducible
(and documented) network setups.

I'm trying to convince people to stop doing stuff by hand that then
almost never gets upgraded because people are scared to touch something
that is working.

To achieve this goal, ansible is really helping us out, therefore we are
making reusable ansible-roles for each network software component we use
(or we reuse and contribute to an existing one if it exists).

In the case of olsrd2, I just made a new one, it's pretty basic but
hopefully it will improve over time.


It compiles the deb package and installs it only if needed. You can
point to a specific version or compile from master.

We are going to build a similar role for olsrd1 too soon.

To manage configurations of the mesh networks on the routers, we are
using openwisp2, which is specialized for OpenWRT, openwisp2 also has
its own ansible role:

Best regards

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