[Olsr-users] Trouble getting lan_import to work on OpenWrt

Nils Schneider (spam-protected)
Sat Sep 12 22:54:47 CEST 2015


I'm trying to use lan_import using olsrd2 v0.9.2 on OpenWrt (ar71xx)
and I could use some help to get it working.

I do have two routing tables, one for routes exported by olsrd (table
10) and one from which olsrd should import routes (table 11).

The relevant part of config/olsrd2 looks like this:

config interface
	option 'ifname' 'loopback'

config interface
	option 'ifname' 'mesh_radio0'
        list 'bindto' '-'
        list 'bindto' '-::1' 
        list 'bindto' 'default_accept' 

config domain 0
        option table '10'

config lan_import 0
	option domain 0
        option table '11'

When adding a route to table 11 all I see in olsrd2's log is:

DEBUG(lan_import) src-plugins/olsrv2/lan_import/lan_import.c 264: Received route event (set): 'src-ip - gw - dst unicast 2001:67c:2d50:40::4242 src-prefix - metric 1024 table 11 protocol 3 if br-client (6)'

Using the telnet interface "olsrv2info lan" does not output

Judging from the code in lan_import.c I should see a "Check for
import" line in the log (loglevel is set to debug for lan_import) but
it's not there.

Kind regards,

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