[Olsr-users] Configuration of an ad-hoc mesh networks

Charles Lesire-Cabaniols (spam-protected)
Mon Oct 12 13:36:47 CEST 2015

Hi guys,

I am completely new to OLSR, and I would like to configure my network for a
multirobot application.
I have one Rapsberry PI2 on each robot, running Ubuntu 14.04.

I would like to configure my RPi to use OONF (olsrd2), but I am not sure to
have done the correct setup.
Here is the way I have proceeded and my questions:

1- On each node (two for the moment), I built OONF.
2- I configured the wlan interface of each node to connect in ad-hoc mode
to a common ESSID:
sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc essid mambo
3- I configured the IP address of each node on the WLAN:
sudo ifconfig wlan0 169.254.0.x up
where x is the node number (here 1 and 2 resp.)

Question: Looks like setting up the IP is not necessary with olsrd2
(according to the doc), but without I could ping my nodes; what is the good
configuration to set?

4- I launched 'olsrd2_static wlan0' on each node

5- I could ping the other node but I don't know how to test further...

Question: Is there a test I could make to see if routing is effectively
using olsrd2?

6- Question: Is there a way to retrieve the network information (the
network graph for instance) from oonf?
I have seen the netjson plugin mentionned on the doc, but I don't know how
to configure and launch it...



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