[Olsr-users] unicast or multicast

Michel Blais (spam-protected)
Mon Jul 28 15:02:30 CEST 2014

Was there any change in between and that will unicast or
multicast hello paquet instead of broadcast ?

We often see a problem where when olsr become unstable because of a
external factor like a router of the backhaul going down, then the route
won't be able to stabilise and what strange, score are really bad or
infinite for all links.

If we cut backup link so the route can't flap anymore, then olsr will
become stable and score fo each link come back to 1. After that, we can add
back backup link and it will still be fine until something affect the

It's like hello paquet are going over the flapping route instead of going
direcly to is neighbors via broadcast and I think this problem was
introduce by passing from to but I'm not sure so that why
I'm asking this list.


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