[Olsr-users] unicast or multicast

Ferry Huberts (spam-protected)
Mon Jul 28 17:51:44 CEST 2014

Can't think of any change that would do this.

On 28/07/14 15:02, Michel Blais wrote:
> Was there any change in between and that will unicast or
> multicast hello paquet instead of broadcast ?
> We often see a problem where when olsr become unstable because of a
> external factor like a router of the backhaul going down, then the route
> won't be able to stabilise and what strange, score are really bad or
> infinite for all links.
> If we cut backup link so the route can't flap anymore, then olsr will
> become stable and score fo each link come back to 1. After that, we can
> add back backup link and it will still be fine until something affect
> the network.
> It's like hello paquet are going over the flapping route instead of
> going direcly to is neighbors via broadcast and I think this problem was
> introduce by passing from to but I'm not sure so that
> why I'm asking this list.
> Thanks
> Michel

Ferry Huberts

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