[Olsr-users] Accessing OLSR parameters [Contd..]

Shyam B (spam-protected)
Sat Sep 28 17:51:14 CEST 2013

Hi Hening, Teco,

Thanks for your time and apologies for the delayed reply.

Yes, I already have OLSR up and running (with build v 0.6.6) on
Ubuntu(x86), RPi(Arm) and TP-Link router(Mips). So far so good!

This is what I wish to do:
1) Read the ETX parameter "to determine link quality between nodes" (I got
info on ETX from here:
2) If it is above a certain threshold, I need to perform a job and if below
the threshold, I change the position of my flying vehicle so as to improve
the ETX link quality to perform the same job.

I will get the L2 info into olsr by Monday.

@Teco: I do have the time to get it up and running and your instructions on
how to get the ETX info (say from python) would be very helpful. Probably,
if I can query to send a message to a TCP socket of olsr supports, I can
get the ETX info back from olsr. But, I am not sure, if this is how it was

Best Regards,
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