[Olsr-users] Fwd: Communication btw. two RPi's in Adhoc (OLSR)

Shyam B (spam-protected)
Tue Sep 10 20:14:01 CEST 2013

Hi Henning, Teco,

The procedure I followed (Debian Method) for setup as in here:

> https://wiki.debian.org/WiFi/AdHoc

WiFi - Edimax 7811un adaptor, Raspberry PI Model B (Raspbian Wheezy OS). It
has the driver installed (8192cu driver) by default in the distro.

Yes, I do have a different IP configured on two RPi's. I can ping each
other on eth0 but not on wlan0 (in Ad-hoc). wlan0's are configured on a
different static addr' inside the same subnet. Do I need to use any
specific protocol for Adhoc to see each other for ping (I guess, not!). I *
cannot* see the wlan0 interface when I type 'route -n' in command line when
in simple AdHoc (without OLSR).

*Picture*: The two wireless RPi's have Edimax wifi dongle (not WiPi as
shown). This was an older picture but its how my simple setup looks.
*Zip file*: /etc/network/interfaces settings for pi1 and pi2.
           iwconfig on both.

*What I did:*
- @Teco: I configured on Channel 11 because I personally love this channel
:) I have tried on other channels as well between 1 to 11 (same result, but
I don't think this may be of concern).
- Arp-scan is 'unable' to see the MAC address of the other device. If this
works, I should have some hope!
- Arp-scan is 'able' to see the MAC address of the other Wi-FI dongle
device (when I connect the two via eth0 (no wireless)).
- The question on the gateway was that if I need a router to route the
individual traffic of the two RPi's, even for a single hop?
- @ Henning, I could not find the "iw wlan0 station dump" for Raspbian,
iwconfig did not provide the dump. I can see bytes being sent/ received on
wlan0 at both ends (Tx/ Rx bytes) as I see from ifconfig wlan0.

Best Regards,
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