[Olsr-users] Fwd: Communication btw. two RPi's in Adhoc (OLSR)

Thijs van Veen (spam-protected)
Wed Sep 11 09:25:31 CEST 2013

Hello Shyam,

I think your primary problem here is your subnet mask.
You have assigned the mask, meaning only the indicated
ip address is in the network. Both the other RPi and the broadcast
address aren't, meaning your ARP broadcasts have no known network to go

If you wish to use as the broadcast address, you
should set the subnet mask to

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subnet_mask#IPv4_subnetting for more
information on IPv4 subnets.Very short summary: in a netmask 255 means
the octet is part of the network identifier, 0 means it's part of the
host identifier.

Also, in your pi1 config, you use both wireless-channel and
wireless-freq. Try to use either of them (not both). Seeing as they
both set the same parameter, this will keep your configuration simple
and will prevent potential conflicts.

I hope this helps.
Thijs van Veen

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013, at 20:14, Shyam B wrote:

Hi Henning, Teco,

The procedure I followed (Debian Method) for setup as in here:


WiFi - Edimax 7811un adaptor, Raspberry PI Model B (Raspbian Wheezy
OS). It has the driver installed (8192cu driver) by default in the

Yes, I do have a different IP configured on two RPi's. I can ping each
other on eth0 but not on wlan0 (in Ad-hoc). wlan0's are configured on a
different static addr' inside the same subnet. Do I need to use any
specific protocol for Adhoc to see each other for ping (I guess, not!).
I cannot see the wlan0 interface when I type 'route -n' in command line
when in simple AdHoc (without OLSR).


Picture: The two wireless RPi's have Edimax wifi dongle (not WiPi as
shown). This was an older picture but its how my simple setup looks.
Zip file: /etc/network/interfaces settings for pi1 and pi2.
           iwconfig on both.

What I did:
- @Teco: I configured on Channel 11 because I personally love this
channel :) I have tried on other channels as well between 1 to 11 (same
result, but I don't think this may be of concern).
- Arp-scan is 'unable' to see the MAC address of the other device. If
this works, I should have some hope!
- Arp-scan is 'able' to see the MAC address of the other Wi-FI dongle
device (when I connect the two via eth0 (no wireless)).
- The question on the gateway was that if I need a router to route the
individual traffic of the two RPi's, even for a single hop?
- @ Henning, I could not find the "iw wlan0 station dump" for Raspbian,
iwconfig did not provide the dump. I can see bytes being sent/ received
on wlan0 at both ends (Tx/ Rx bytes) as I see from ifconfig wlan0.

Best Regards,


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