[Olsr-users] Question on multiple interfaces

Thijs van Veen (spam-protected)
Mon Aug 5 12:27:59 CEST 2013

> I would say OLSR knows because it knows the incoming (local)
> interface. Of course seeing the same neighbor link on two interfaces
> is a bit unusual so I am not sure it will work well with our
> implementation.

I know the setup is a bit weird, but that's because of a lot of layer-2
magic happening. While there are different physical nodes in the links A
- B, the layer-3 protocol will/should not be able to see them.

Effectively, what I'm trying to get is a network entity similar to the
one described in http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html
The "Linux router" would be a node running OLSRd, the two "providers"
are providing all kinds of network connections and are invisible to
OLSR, and the "Internet" part is the network(s) with other OLSRd nodes
(possibly with a similar setup). The providers are also used to
determine some specialized metrics (which will be available at the OLSR
node). Based on these dynamic metrics, traffic should be routed through
P1 or P2 (using a modified ETX extension). 
What makes this trickier is P1 and P2 will be leading to the same

While possible, it would make the L.3 network a lot more confusing if
the providers were to run OLSR as well for a variety of reasons.

> But it does work well with our OLSRd v2 implementation.

How was this improved for v2 ? 

  Thijs van Veen

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