[Olsr-users] olsr position update plugin configuration

Teco Boot (spam-protected)
Mon Dec 3 20:44:25 CET 2012

Op 3 dec. 2012, om 17:29 heeft Bidur Devkota het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Teco and Ferry,
> Thank you very much for your support.
> Now I am able to send position updates to the neighboring nodes by updating the positionFile contents  and enabling positionFilePeriod. I have attached a pdf file where I have summed up (from beginners point of view, as I am ) installing and configuring olsr, txtinfo, httpinfo and pud plugin. <attachment: olsr_pud plugin.pdf>
On the PDF:

It is OK to use SmartGW. It is used for a central PUD Relay Server, to select a single best downlink from Relay Server to the MANET cluster. If you just use a few nodes and are isolated form a backbone network (such as the Internet) you don't need SmartGW. BTW: its basic function is provide stable paths to Internet, when NAT is used.

Your text on NMEA, not being degrees, you could say it is dddmm.mmmm (with stripped leading zeros).

You have PUD PlParam "rxNonOlsrIf" and PlParam "positionFile". I'm not sure this is needed.

You have PUD PlParam "uplinkAddr" "". I don't think the router is also a central Relay Server.
Same for up/downlink port and uplinkUpdateInterval*.

You have PlParam "updateIntervalMoving" "5". It is OK, buts wastes some bandwidth. It is for late joined nodes. Take some longer delay for catching all node positions should be fine, I think. Make it something like 30. OK, debugging takes some more time...

You disabled dampening and hysteresis ("movingSpeedThreshold" "1", "movingDistanceThreshold" "1"). I'm not sure this is useful. It should have no effect with position info read from file. With raw GPS NMEA feed, it filters jitter on positions and keeps update rate somewhat low.

> > I tried to provide random locations (programmatically) via the NMEA statements to UDP port 2240, But the updates were not seen until the olsrd is restarted.
> Make sure NMEA input is valid.
> Yes the NMEA statements are valid. And the values in these statements are taken by the PUD once I restart olsrd. But if I do not restart olsrd they are not updated.
So you send valid NMEA sentences each second to the UDP port and PUD takes only a the first?

> Do you have an app, using the PUD position info?
> I am trying to display (using python programming) the OLSR nodes in google earth (and update the position on the fly). For that I am using the output of txtinfo plugin and now trying to use pud to share the location information among the nodes.
Please post if you have something working. I put it on my list of apps that use the PUD NMEA feed. 
You refresh a KML file with each message? 
You could make the object clickable, with link to OLSR web page (or port 80 and get a main page for that node).


> Thank You
> Bidur
> <olsr_pud plugin.pdf>

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