[Olsr-users] help installing olsr + txtinfo on ubuntu (gatway_tree error)

Érico Porto (spam-protected)
Thu Nov 3 20:10:29 CET 2011

So, and want to ask something completely differently, didn't want to make
another email topic.

Can the rate control algorithm (sample, onoe, minstrel...) influence
somehow in the way the costs are calculated in a node?

I have a really weird problem with 4 radios.

A -> B >- D
  \> C >/

They are arranged such that for a message go from radio A to D, it has to
choose between C and B. So I have variable attenuators between A and B ,
and between A and C, it's all wireless confined in coaxial cable.

The idea is that the attenuator to B is adjusted such that it's worst than
C, and I can get some throughput like 18Mbps. The path through C give me
some throughput like 30 Mbps.

My problem is that, using minstrel, if I make some big attenuation between
A and C, it cannot see C as 1 hop anymore, and the OLSR chooses to use the
A-B-D path (i'm using Henning watch+txtinfo), it takes like 10 seconds or
less (HelloInterval 1.0, HelloValidityTime 6.0), and I have 18Mbps
throughput. The problem is that, when I adjust the attenuator back where it
was when I had 30Mbps, the throughput stays in 18Mbps and path selected by
OLSR remains A-B-D, even though it's much better to use A-C-D. Actually, it
takes around 8 minutes so the radios notice the other path is clear -
because I'm using txtinfo, I see it takes like seconds to readd C in the
one hop list - and re-route using A-C-D, giving me back 30Mbps of rate.

Any thoughts?

The same path changing occurred really fast in both ways before, when I was
using rate_sample instead of minstrel, but the overall rate was lower -
12Mbps A-B-D, and 24Mbps A-C-D.


Érico V. Porto

On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 1:57 PM, Érico Porto <(spam-protected)>wrote:

> Nevermind, found out there was some other older olsrd, probably from
> apt-get tool, inside the /usr/local/sbin. Just removed it with rm
> /usr/local/sbin/olsrd and now everything works.
> Érico V. Porto
> On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 1:38 PM, Érico Porto <(spam-protected)>wrote:
>> Hello Guys,
>> I have a small network in my desk that has two small radios running some
>> tiny freescale linux version and a netbook running gentoo and my desktop
>> runs ubuntu. Uname -a output is: Linux 050278 2.6.38-11-generic #48-Ubuntu
>> SMP Fri Jul 29 19:05:14 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
>> I've sucessfully compiled the source for ppc -for the radios - and also
>> for x86 - for my netbook. Surprisingly my desktop doesn't run olsrd! I'm
>> trying to run the same object code that runs ok on the netbook, but without
>> success. I'm getting the error :
>> ERROR(plugins) src/plugin_loader.c 287: DL loading failed:
>> "/usr/lib/olsrd_txtinfo.so.0.1: undefined symbol: gateway_tree"!
>> Any thoughts on how to solve this?
>> The source was download from a link in this mailing list, it's 0.6.2
>> version. On ubuntu I installed using make && make install && make
>> install_libs , after running a make uberclean.
>> Regards
>> Érico V. Porto
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