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Michel Blais (spam-protected)
Wed Aug 10 22:21:37 CEST 2011

I finally found a way to have olsrd with httpinfo.

I installed it with pkg_add and add to add pluging with
pkg_add olsrd-plugins but at first, I think I forgeted the "s"
at the end of plugins and that why I tryed from port.

Anyway, I have olsrd with plugin working fine on
OpenBSD and just to let you know, httpinfo on OpenBSD
do the same than on FreeBSD when I try to acces it from
Chrome, the page is really slow to be shown but ok from

Thanks to all for your help.


Le 2011-08-09 17:45, Michel Blais a écrit :
> ---------- LOADING LIBRARY /usr/local/lib/olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1 ----------
> DL loading failed: "File not found"!
> It's the good path, I double check.
> I also tryed to copy the plugin in the same directory 
> "/usr/local/sbin" and still have the not found error :
> ---------- LOADING LIBRARY olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1 ----------
> DL loading failed: "File not found"!
> After, I try something else, on openwrt with olsrd 0.6.1, rename 
> olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1 to a something else and create a empty file with 
> touch
> touch /usr/lib/olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1
> after I restarted olsrd and I get this message :
> Warning: Plugin library 'olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1' not found, skipped
> At first, I thinked that if the plugin file is not a valid file, olsrd 
> will report that the file is not found instead of invalid. But nat not 
> true, that because it don't have the good file right, it can't be 
> execute so I try to give it execute right (chmod +x) and now I have 
> this error : olsrd: '/usr/lib/olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1' is not an ELF file
> Look back at my olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1 on the OpenBSD :
> -rwxr-xr-x   1 root  wheel    58392 Aug  8 09:59 olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1
> but lot of other library are in the group "bin" instead of "wheel"
> chown root:bin olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1
> and olsrd now start fine ... or look like it start fine I can't see it 
> with 'ps aux' when I try to load the library but start fine without it.
> Will continue to work on this and keep the list informed if I found 
> something else. I will also try with txtinfo because I suppect that 
> httpinfo is not compatible with OpenBSD. From README_HTTPINFO in the 
> lib directory of olsrd 0.6.0 source :
> The plugin should now compile on windows and FreeBSD
> as well.
> To compile in windows:
> make OS=win32
> to compile in FreeBSD:
> gmake OS=fbsd
> I already tryed to build it with "gmake OS=fbsd" and "gmake =obsd" 
> (tryed obsd just in case) before "make" without succes.
> Michel
> Le 2011-08-08 13:03, Markus Kittenberger a écrit :
>> as i'm no bsd user, i don`t know.
>> but (as a workaround) afair same directory as olsrd should work, or 
>> specify the full path in configfile.
>> Markus
>> On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 4:10 PM, Michel Blais 
>> <(spam-protected) <mailto:(spam-protected)>> wrote:
>>     Hi,
>>     I'm trying OLSRd on OpenBSD and it work fine via pkg_add or port
>>     but I have problem with the plugin.
>>     I'm always having this error :
>>     ---------- LOADING LIBRARY olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1 ----------
>>     DL loading failed: "File not found"!
>>     I looked at FreeBSD plugin location and the're in /usr/local/lib
>>     so I was thinking the will be on the same dir in OpenBSD.
>>     I tryed to copy
>>     /usr/ports/pobj/olsrd-0.6.0/olsrd-0.6.0/lib/httpinfo/olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1
>>     in /usr/local/lib/ with the same message. I also tryed to copy
>>     /usr/ports/pobj/olsrd-0.6.0/fake-amd64/usr/local/lib/olsrd-plugins/olsrd_httpinfo.so
>>     (and rename it at the same time for olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1) to
>>     /usr/local/lib with the same result. Always "File not found"!
>>     Somebody know where OLSRd on OpenBSD expect plugin to be ?
>>     Thanks.
>>     Michel
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