[Olsr-users] OpenBSD plugin

Bernd Petrovitsch (spam-protected)
Tue Aug 9 09:57:36 CEST 2011


On Mon, 2011-08-08 at 10:10 -0400, Michel Blais wrote:
> I'm trying OLSRd on OpenBSD and it work fine via pkg_add or port but I 
> have problem with the plugin.
> I'm always having this error :
> ---------- LOADING LIBRARY olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1 ----------
> DL loading failed: "File not found"!
> I looked at FreeBSD plugin location and the're in /usr/local/lib so I 
> was thinking the will be on the same dir in OpenBSD.
> I tryed to copy 
> /usr/ports/pobj/olsrd-0.6.0/olsrd-0.6.0/lib/httpinfo/olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1 
> in /usr/local/lib/ with the same message. I also tryed to copy 
> /usr/ports/pobj/olsrd-0.6.0/fake-amd64/usr/local/lib/olsrd-plugins/olsrd_httpinfo.so 
> (and rename it at the same time for olsrd_httpinfo.so.0.1) to 
> /usr/local/lib with the same result. Always "File not found"!
> Somebody know where OLSRd on OpenBSD expect plugin to be ?

No - `strace -e open` it (or whatever the equivalent is on OpenBSD) and
you should see where it looks for it.

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