[Olsr-users] Hello from Pirate Party Sweden

L. Aaron Kaplan (spam-protected)
Sat Nov 6 17:14:25 CET 2010

(I am refering to posting http://lists.olsr.org/pipermail/olsr-users/2010-November/004313.html )

> This week, we will update the openWRT homepage with a very easy to

Woah, wait! You (the pirate party ) want to update the openwrt.ORG home page?

> follow guide how to get olsr up and running. Possibly patching the
> packages for ubuntu and openWRT to make the installations trivial.
> Thats a good start in order to make develoment and deployment simplistic.

Erik, please clarify...

I thought openwrt.org was an open source project and not the homepage for a 
political project of the pirate party?
I mean it is nice that you want to write a howto, that is great, but *on* the openwrt.org main page?
Did you discuss this with the openwrt.org developers? Would you write that as individuals 
or as "pirate party sweden"?

For my side, I would not be too happy if *any* political party meddles with open source projects.
Support of open source projects is great, but simply "updating their webpage" is sort of...
well... you know... this attitude sucks ;-)
But maybe you meant something else, so please clarify. Did you mean the openwrt Wiki ?

Besides, I agree with Mitar: 
  "Probably it would be good that you first get hands-on experience
yourself. Before you try to make guides for others. ;-)"


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