[Olsr-users] Hello from Pirate Party Sweden

Mitar (spam-protected)
Fri Nov 5 00:16:25 CET 2010


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On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 6:11 PM, Erik Lönroth <(spam-protected)> wrote:
> The first test-bed will be a "stationary baloon", e.g. attached to a a
> few lines and possibly power-cords.
> This is to be able to test the concept and learn from it.

How big (volume)? How much lift are you planning to have?

> Yes. We know it will go down and such. But thats a problem we can live
> with in this project since we basically aim to prove a concept.
> Asy we can live for a few weeks. That will be a huge success.

Prove a concept of non-stable balloon node? OK. ;-)

>> What means "old Internet"?
> Well, perhaps access to www.wikileaks,org (for example....) along with
> other blocked sites which needs to be "liberated".

Aha. Of course. ;-)

> I'll have a look at this link for sure. Since we don't quite know the
> concept fully yet, we need to learn from you and the available
> documentation first. We will contribute 100% to the project in all our
> efforts ofc.


>> For which OS? This is something not yet really available, as far as I
>> know? An easy to use GUI.
> Initially for the "main" OS:es that give the "largets" possible
> user-base. E.g. windows, linux, mac...

OK. So this will require some work from you. ;-)

>> Also IP allocation is problematic. Maybe this mesh could be in IPv6.
> Our thought aswell.


>> But still, if there would only one balloon, why wouldn't it be just a
>> normal AP? So node in AP mode. When there is signal, users connect to
>> it and this is it? And use its connectivity?
> You are probably right. We are looking into this for sure. It is
> possible that we setup a mesh locally (in the city) before we setup
> and launch the baloon in the end.

If you have enough men power and resources for that, for sure. But
then there will be already mesh in-place which would broadcast its
SSID and would make propaganda about the mesh and help people join it.

>> Because I somehow doubt people would just download and install some
>> software and use it, just because some balloon told them to. And let
>> it run after the balloon gets away.
> Maybe you are right... But I know alot of people that likes to use an
> open, free network for browsing.... It this is the case, they will....

Yes, but if balloon goes away? ;-)

Or do you hope that this will make a mesh-nodes trail behind the
balloon. This would be great thing to happen. ;-)

>> Maybe, for now, it would be better to just concentrate on construction
>> of this balloon and use normal AP mode. And then if there would me
>> many such balloons (every country makes its own and then we get
>> together and play with that some day?) we could start doing mesh.
> Exactly.... A starting point. We don't have all the aswers now. But we
> have an idea...
> Are you perhaps someone that we can get help from in this?  We need it.

Others from our network. As you see they already had such idea.


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