[Olsr-users] Hello from Pirate Party Sweden

Mathias Mahnke (spam-protected)
Fri Nov 5 08:21:37 CET 2010

Hi Erik,

Am 05.11.10 00:16, schrieb Mitar:

>> Are you perhaps someone that we can get help from in this?  We need it.
> Others from our network. As you see they already had such idea.

just to let you know, we (a University of Rostock startup) had a somehow
simalar project in Rostock/Germany during the "Hanse Sail" in 2004:

This was not a mesh network, but a single 802.11b node with one
infrastructure AP placed on a ballon (which was not lifted that high but
which proved not to work quite will at that time).

So, which you good luck and try testing your ideas in real-life as often
as possible. And let it grow step by step, better not try to "solve" all
problems at one time ;-)

Kind regards
Mathias (Opennet Initiative e.V.)

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