[Olsr-users] Scalability of Networks using Olsr_Switch

Lo, Caleb K. (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 16 01:22:49 CET 2010

Hi everybody,
                I'm running olsrd-0.5.4, and I'm trying to simulate a large network using the olsr_switch application.  I've tried to set up a large network in host-emulation mode using the instructions in the "Running olsrd in host-emulation mode" section of: http://www.olsr.org/docs/README-Olsr-Switch.html
The command that I used was "./olsrd -d 1 -hemu 10.0.0.x", where x ranges from 1 to 17 (inclusive).  I'm using the olsrd.conf file that was provided in the tarball from the olsrd website, except that I disabled hysteresis based on the following run-time error that I observed: "Hysteresis and LinkQuality cannot both be active!  Deactivate one of them.  Bad configuration!"
Using GNU Screen, I started olsr_switch in one window, and then I started (sequentially) olsrd in 17 new windows.  When I started the 17th olsrd process, I observed the following error on the other processes: "Could not read whole packet (size 51592, read 31848).  Segmentation fault", and they all crashed.
Is this a fundamental limitation (in terms of scalability) of olsr_switch, or is this a bug that could be fixed by changing some appropriate constants in the olsr_switch and/or olsr directories?
Thank you very much.

Caleb Lo
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