[Olsr-users] Current OLSR protocol

Damian Philipp (spam-protected)
Sat May 23 00:43:24 CEST 2009


L. Aaron Kaplan schrieb:
> Ulf, I do not agree with your assessment. The result of the FUD can be  
> clearly seen by the uncertainty and doubt that people have been having  
> repeatedly on this mailing list.

What I think is the reason for the uncertanty is the (almost) complete
lack of Documentation of OSLR as well as BATMAN, plus the fact that
noone seems to put dates to anything. So for example I could not find
out whether the stuff on olsr.org or the-olsr-story was more recent.

And then there is the issue of the history of OLSR. Where did the first
olsrd end, where did olsr-ng start and why is olsr-ng now olsr? A
timeline of Link-State-Routing in Mesh-Networks could help with the latter.

As for Documentation - there is a Paper and an RFC describing OLSRv1 and
a Draft describing OLSRv2 - but I haven't gotten around to checking for
detailed changes. The TOC looked awfully similar. olsr.org itself does
not contain any Information about how the currently implemented olsr
protocol works (or any version of it, for that matter). The only chain
of links I could find at this hour lead through the olsr-ng-Wiki which
bears a read warning that it is outdated and olsr.org should be
contacted instead.

Batman has a paper up on its website that is supposed to describe how
the protocol works, but it's missing about 90% of the actual algorithm.
But they do at least offer a link to the Batman draft, which contains
the full algorithm - although they too do not tell how up-to-date that
algorithm is.

I think the FAQ entry mentioned in another post is a great idea but I
also think that there should be some more protocol documentation
(doesn't have to be a paper). I'm guessing most of it is probably in the
current OLSRv2 draft, but then again those drafts change rather slowly
and it would be nice to know the current state of the protocol at every

Regards and good night,
Damian Philipp

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