[Olsr-users] Current OLSR protocol

Charles Wyble (spam-protected)
Fri May 22 21:37:56 CEST 2009

L. Aaron Kaplan wrote:
> Ulf, I do not agree with your assessment. The result of the FUD can be  
> clearly seen by the uncertainty and doubt that people have been having  
> repeatedly on this mailing list.


> So therefore I believe I can rest my case and the mail by Damian was  
> the proof for my FUD theory.


> Besides, I do reserve the right to have my own experience and my  
> opinion and do not tolerate others just calling my impression crap  
> when they have no idea of *how* often I had to "defend" against the oh- 
> my-god-they-are-continuing-on-olsr.org-while-we-self-perceived- 
> semigods-in-berlin-are-already-working-on-batman-which-is-bettter-and- 
> therefore-the-rest-of-the-world-is-wrong-and-sucks attitude of some  
> folks in Berlin. It is really tiresome to always have to "defend" a  
> decision to still work on olsr.org in face of public *propaganda*.

Exactly. Spot on.

> I see it like that: there is room for improvement on olsr.org and  
> there is a place for BATMAN.
> Different goals. That is all. But why oh why do all the people get  
> confused when they read Elektra's text on open-mesh.org ? Why do I see  
> the same and the same type of questions again and again?
> Exactly because it is propaganda.


> ok, over and out. I think I made my point clear.
> <joke>if you want we can carry this out in person with boxing gloves</ 
> joke> ;-))
> PS: again, in case it was not clear enough - congrats to successes of  
> BATMAN . It is *not* the issue of which is better. It is an issue if  
> Elektra pisses on other people constantly or not.


> But I guess I should get simply used to that... seems like she likes  
> it. *sigh*

Unfortunately this does appear to be the case. :(

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