[Olsr-users] LinkQualityMult questions

mickey (spam-protected)
Wed Mar 4 10:37:05 CET 2009


in the past i had used the LinkQualityMult parameter to disqualify a
distinct link that uses a VPN tunnel to connect with a remote mesh cloud.
After using this option for quite a while on a small number of nodes
without questions or problems now several things (olsrd version, openwrt
kamikaze revision, vpn technology, number of nodes in vpn) have changed and
i kindly ask for some clarication.

I found an example config offering a default definition ("LinkQualityMult
default 0.1") which seems very handy for my purpose. Unfortunatly this
configuration option has no effect for me. I am currently using
olsrd-luci-0.5.6-r2 from openwrt and freifunk-olsrd-0.5.6-r2 from sven-ola.

When i was talking to JoW asking wether this would be a bug or a
configuration misstake he told me that as far as he knows the link quality
multiplyer option have been removed from upstream olsrd and would no longer
be supported - but i is unsure about that.

Now i am a bit confused how to best practice devaluate the links in our VPN

Thanks for your patience :-)


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