[Olsr-users] How to send the olsr debug to a file with rotate property?

Douglas Diniz (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 9 15:06:55 CET 2009

Hi, I'm facing some troubles with olsr and I need to activate the debug.
I'm using olsr in a embedded system, so the memory is a constraint. Then I
need to send the olsr debug to a file, and the file must have the rotate
property, because the file can't grow to infinite.

I have the syslogd installed in my system. Can I use the syslogd to manage
the olsr debug and rotate the file? If not, what can i use?
I'm running in a ppc system.


Ps: The problem I'm facing is it:  I have a ad-hoc network with 3 terminals
with this topology:  A <---> B <--- > C.
The problem is for some reason the B terminal is esporadically (this
happened only one time untill now) blocking the other 2 terminals, blocking
the ssh, and aparently all the network access, but I can ping the A and C
terminal, and the dhcp server in the terminals are working.
To fix this problem I had to reset the B terminal, and all work fine again.
So I think the problem is olsr, bacause I never see this before and recently
I update olsr to 0.5.6 r3 version and I'm using the fisheye configuration.
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