[Olsr-users] AHCP

Derek C (spam-protected)
Thu Mar 5 00:25:28 CET 2009

On Thu, February 26, 2009 9:53 pm, Robert Keyes wrote:
> The only RFC compliant space is
> The problem is, this is used by other people in their own internal
> network, behind their NAT.

It is a problem that people want to use for their own networks?

I'm not sure if anyone sets up nodes differently but I use NAT on every
node on the customer's wired or wireless connection so that their
equipment doesn't know/care about the internet network.  (I do actually
use but I'm thinking that this is wrong as you have a valid
point about possible re-use of the 5 and 6 class A networks).

Is this the typical OLSRd node setup: -

   NODE A ------------+
        |                 |
      NODE B            NODE C
        |                 |
       NAT               NAT

Where the is the dhcp network presented to the customer's
equipment and the is the internal network used for traffic
routing with OlSRd.

It wouldn't matter if the client uses their own network would
it?  (maybe it would mess up traceroutes?)  It would matter if they had
their own local plans for but this is like any typical
dsl or cable router that users come across.

Derek C
In Ireland

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