[Olsr-users] PXE boot over OLSR mesh network

payu (spam-protected)
Tue Jan 20 15:04:36 CET 2009


We are trying to do a PXE boot over TFTP on a ROBIN wireless mesh network.
When the TFTP download starts ther ping latencies from the PXE server to the
network increases by a hundred fold (from about 1.3ms to around 200ms). This
doesn't happen when there are only two routers in the network. However when
we add one more routers we see the problem. We think the issue is that with
the additional router there are 2 hop neighbors created that causes the slow

We tried changing the values of TcInternal to 5,0 and HelloInterval to 2.0
with MPRCoverage of 3 without any success.

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