[Olsr-users] web manager system (offtopic)

David Gascón (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 21 15:30:11 CET 2009

Hi all,

we (the Libelium team) are preparing the Meshlium Manager System (the
web manager to control and monitor Meshlium [http://www.meshlium.com]),
to be released under the GPL license.

Our current system (http://www.meshlium.com/demo) is not completely
ready for community development and contribution and we have decided to
restructure it so that adding a new feature can be an easy task. For
this reason we have decided to treat each management script and
configuration as an independent plugin.

A possible new distibution can be seen here:

It would be great to count with your opinion as open source community
developers/users/contributors in order to get the best usable and
scalable platform for all of us.



Proyectos    : http://www.laotracara.com

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