[Olsr-users] Routing problems with multiple interfaces

David Murray (spam-protected)
Tue Jan 22 06:10:32 CET 2008

>> Does anyone have any suggestions at to where the problem might lie or
>> how I could further define the problem? has anyone else has much
>> experience with olsr and two wireless cards?
> atheros madwifi driver? which version? which linux? ==> yes, *lots*
> of other people experienced weird things with the atheros drivers in
> linux (in ad-hoc mode!). So this might be the number 1 reason why you
> see dropped packets.
> STA mode or AP seems to work however.
> a.

Thanks for the reply Aaron. I am using Madwifi 9.3.3 (in ad-hoc mode 
but with BSSID partion problems fixed). Also using olsrd 0.5.4. The 
machines are a mix of Debian etch machines and Voyage linux (basically 
a cut down deb etch). I have been looking at the problem for a bit 
longer now. I am quite sure that the driver is not dropping packets.

I still think that by shifting between channels with olsrd running the 
olsrd routing table and the kernel IP routing table occasionally get 
out of sync and do not recover. Most of the routes still work. At the 
moment I am overcoming these problems by simply bouncing the interfaces.

If nobody else has experienced these problems then I wouldn't be too 
concerned :)

Thanks again


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