[Olsr-users] Routing problems with multiple interfaces

Aaron Kaplan (spam-protected)
Tue Jan 22 10:47:33 CET 2008

On Jan 22, 2008, at 6:10 AM, David Murray wrote:

>>> Does anyone have any suggestions at to where the problem might  
>>> lie or
>>> how I could further define the problem? has anyone else has much
>>> experience with olsr and two wireless cards?
>> atheros madwifi driver? which version? which linux? ==> yes, *lots*
>> of other people experienced weird things with the atheros drivers in
>> linux (in ad-hoc mode!). So this might be the number 1 reason why you
>> see dropped packets.
>> STA mode or AP seems to work however.
>> a.
> Thanks for the reply Aaron. I am using Madwifi 9.3.3 (in ad-hoc mode
> but with BSSID partion problems fixed). Also using olsrd 0.5.4. The

hm, strange but so far  I only came across people with troubles with  
madwifi + adhoc.
Which cards to you use?

Anyway, I also recommend you to upgrade to 0.5.5tip  (http:// 
There was a bug with fragmented TC messages in 0.5.4


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