[OLSR-users] help with olsrd for windows

Daniele Gabrielli (spam-protected)
Thu May 10 12:08:27 CEST 2007

hello everybody, I'm a new user of the mailing list.
I'm an Italian student at the University of L'Aquila, I'm sorry for my
disturbance, but I need your help... Im doing my final Thesis: my work is a
practical application of your OLSRD for WINDOWS in a mobile ad hoc network
(MANET). My purpose is testing the performance of olsrd in a real
environment, without a simulator but using real laptop and using real data
stream. My problem is connected with mobility. I'm trying to test the
performance of OLSRD using 4 laptop in this scenario:
LAPTOP1---------LAPTOP2-----------LAPTOP3-------------LAPTOP4. I'm trying to
move the LAPTOP4 far from the LAPTOP1.
I start my test staying near the laptop1 and then I move the LAPTOP4 far
from LAPTOP1, so I can use the LAPTOP2 and LAPTOP3 as hops to reach the
LAPTOP1. I'm doing my test using an UDP stream (2 Mbps - MPEG2). The problem
is that when I reach the final position with LAPTOP4 the OLSRD seems not to
be able to find the route tho reach the laptop1 using laptop2 and laptop3
and the stream crash down. Instead in a static situation It works great.
I've used a lot of configuration settings, but I was not able to find a
solution. You're my only hope, to solve my problems, because my teacher Is
not helping me anyway and I'm in a deep depression. please would you help
me? do you have any suggestion? do you made any test in windows environment?

thank you so much for your courtesy, hoping to hear soon from you.
many regards
Daniele Gabrielli


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