[Olsr-users] ETX-LQ calculations questions

Yoshihiko (spam-protected)
Sat Aug 11 03:27:54 CEST 2007


Please, see comments inline.

> When we (olsrd) get an LQ HELLO message, we get NLQ from a neighbor , right ?

Neighbor calculated and sent LQ is processed as NLQ.

> And LQ is calculated from number of expected and actually received LQ HELLO messages from a 
> neighbor ?


> Are only HELLO messages used for LQ calculations ?  Are TC, MID or HNA messages used ? 

All messages are used.

> Is LQ from a neighbor recalculated on every incoming message from the neighbor or periodically ( 
> i.e even an expected message is lost ? ) ? 
> If periodically - how is the period related to HelloInterval ? 

Basically, sequence number of incoming message is used.
But it is periodically on hello interval when no receive.

> Documentation refers to HelloInterval as to a period of _transmitting_ a HELLO message, so what 
> if  neighbors has different HelloInterval settings, how olsrd calculates LQ then ?

olsrd used Htime of HELLO message.


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