[OLSR-users] cannot load a plugin with olsrd

Siamak Eskandari (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 4 18:10:17 CEST 2007

Hi folks,
I am newbi in this area and I tried to load and use a predefined plugins, like powerinfo.
I have compiled and installed the plugin and I can se the plugin in this directory: /usr/lib.
I made some changes in olsrd.conf file with this configuration:
        LoadPlugin    olsrd_power.so.0.3
But when I start olsrd in my laptop, I can not seen any plugin thar has been startet. The output message is:

(spam-protected) lib]# olsrd -i eth1

 *** olsr.org - 0.4.10 ***
 Build date: Nov  2 2006

Parsing file: "/etc/olsrd.conf"
Config line 167: syntax error
Using default config values(no configfile)
Queuing if eth1
Could not read APM info - setting default willingness(3)
Using IP version 4
Added to IP deny set
Added to IP deny set

 ---- Interface configuration ----

Checking eth1:
        Wireless interface detected
        Metric: 1
        MTU - IPhdr: 1472
        Index 0
        Broadcast address:
New main address:
Loading plugins...

Main address:

Scheduler started - polling every 0.05 seconds
[2]+  Stopped                 olsrd -i eth1
[(spam-protected) lib]#

This is the output message with these red lines which indicate some mistakes in my system or the plugin.
I use olsrd version 0.4.10.

Thanks for any inputs



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