Fw: [OLSR-users] cannot load a plugin with olsrd

Siamak Eskandari (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 4 21:07:28 CEST 2007

Hi again,
I had some mistakes in the olsrd.conf file.
Originally, the lines after LoadPlugin have been commented, including the braces. This braces must not be commented on the config file.
The problem has been resolved.
Thanks anyway,

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Subject: [OLSR-users] cannot load a plugin with olsrd

Hi folks,
I am newbi in this area and I tried to load and use a predefined plugins, like powerinfo.
I have compiled and installed the plugin and I can se the plugin in this directory: /usr/lib.
I made some changes in olsrd.conf file with this configuration:
        LoadPlugin    olsrd_power.so.0.3
But when I start olsrd in my laptop, I can not seen any plugin thar has been startet. The output message is:
(spam-protected) lib]# olsrd -i eth1

*** olsr.org - 0.4.10 ***
Build date: Nov  2 2006

Parsing file: "/etc/olsrd.conf"
Config line 167: syntax error
Using default config values(no configfile)
Queuing if eth1
Could not read APM info - setting default willingness(3)
Using IP version 4
Added to IP deny set
Added to IP deny set

---- Interface configuration ----

Checking eth1:
        Wireless interface detected
        Metric: 1
        MTU - IPhdr: 1472
        Index 0
        Broadcast address:
New main address:
Loading plugins...

Main address:

Scheduler started - polling every 0.05 seconds
[2]+  Stopped                 olsrd -i eth1
[(spam-protected) lib]#

This is the output message with these red lines which indicate some mistakes in my system or the plugin.
I use olsrd version 0.4.10.
Thanks for any inputs

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