[OLSR-users] how olsr manages broadcast

loloster (spam-protected)
Tue Apr 3 17:56:03 CEST 2007

Hi seba

seba wrote:
> Immagine that my statically configured IP addresses are in the subnet (
> My question is:  if a node broadcasts a packet (so dest IP= does the other nodes will forward the packet to all the nodes in the network?
no: broadcast packets MUST NOT be relayed to the same interface they 
were received from
see rfc 922 for the rule and discussion here : 
and here : 

>  -> I would like that this event didn't occur!
> How can I configure OLSR to avoid the flooding?
forwarding data packet is not an OLSRD task but an OS task (olsrd build 
routes only)

my 2€ cents


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