[OLSR-users] Strange problem with the dyn_gw plugin

Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Thu Sep 14 13:54:42 CEST 2006


this is caused by a firewall setup of your itnernet gateway. In contrast to 
the standard dyngw plugin, freifunk uses a cronjob and traceroute to verify 
the intenet connection. Cron runs every minute or so. If traceroute not 
possible (e.g. UDP blocked), then HNA will switch off. You also may notice, 
that in this case a new "background-default-route" (aka policy routing) 
exist. The background route is only valid for the se505 device. This makes 
it possible to rescan with traceroute from the device itself while not 
disturbing others with a faulty standard default route.

In short: Enable UDP and the auto-HNA is your friend.

HTH Sven-Ola

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I had another dyn-gw-problem with "freifunk"-firmware on a SE-505: I 
activated the WAN-port, and with or without explicit definition of the 
HNA-entry the AP reacted the same way. It announced HNA for about two 
minutes and then switched HNA and internet-routing off. A ping from the PC 
to the internet stopped responding, but ping from the AP itself showed that 
the WAN-connection was still active.

The WAN-connection is by fixed IP to an internet-router.

The easy solution was to deactivate dyn-gw and enter a fixed HNA=
Now it works. But Dyn-GW would be better because then HNA would switch off 
when the internet-connection fails.

I was surprised that the HNA was also announced if I entered nothing in the 
HNA-field, even then it announced (for two minutes)

One question on dyn-gw: what happens when the connection from the AP to the 
internet-router is OK  but the router itself  has no connection to the 
internet? Is dyn-gw smart enough to switch off HNA in that situation?


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Betreff: [OLSR-users] Strange problem with the dyn_gw plugin
Gesendet: Mi 13 Sep 2006 13:58:54 CEST
Von: "Jerome LEBEGUE"<(spam-protected)>

> hi,
> I started playing with the dyn_gw a few days ago and I encountered a
> very strange beahavior.
> I define an HNA as follow "HNA" "" (wired
> network) and to test if it is ok I define the following Ping parameter
> "Ping" "".
> My problem is that when the ping failed (I disconnect the cable and get
> the message "Do ping on .... FAILED") my olsr node continue
> to announce the corresponding HNA :(
> Do you have any clues ?
> (I work on linksys WRT54G with OpenWRT and the corresponding OLSR 
> packages)
> PS: I waited several minutes to be sur it was not a remaining announce.
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