[OLSR-users] Strange problem with the dyn_gw plugin

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Thu Sep 14 11:50:51 CEST 2006


I had another dyn-gw-problem with "freifunk"-firmware on a SE-505: I activated the WAN-port, and with or without explicit definition of the HNA-entry the AP reacted the same way. It announced HNA for about two minutes and then switched HNA and internet-routing off. A ping from the PC to the internet stopped responding, but ping from the AP itself showed that the WAN-connection was still active.

The WAN-connection is by fixed IP to an internet-router.

The easy solution was to deactivate dyn-gw and enter a fixed HNA=
Now it works. But Dyn-GW would be better because then HNA would switch off when the internet-connection fails.

I was surprised that the HNA was also announced if I entered nothing in the HNA-field, even then it announced (for two minutes)

One question on dyn-gw: what happens when the connection from the AP to the internet-router is OK  but the router itself  has no connection to the internet? Is dyn-gw smart enough to switch off HNA in that situation?


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Betreff: [OLSR-users] Strange problem with the dyn_gw plugin
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> hi,
> I started playing with the dyn_gw a few days ago and I encountered a 
> very strange beahavior.
> I define an HNA as follow "HNA" "" (wired 
> network) and to test if it is ok I define the following Ping parameter 
> "Ping" "".
> My problem is that when the ping failed (I disconnect the cable and get 
> the message "Do ping on .... FAILED") my olsr node continue 
> to announce the corresponding HNA :(
> Do you have any clues ?
> (I work on linksys WRT54G with OpenWRT and the corresponding OLSR packages)
> PS: I waited several minutes to be sur it was not a remaining announce.
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