[OLSR-users] olsrd binary for ixp425

Mohd Shakir bin Zakaria (spam-protected)
Fri Oct 13 03:40:29 CEST 2006

Hi all..

I've downloaded olsrd binaries from
http://www.olsr.org/releases/0.4/packages/olsrd-0.4.9-bin_linux.tar.bz2 and
try to execute the olsrd_arm in my Gateworks Avila board (
http://www.gateworks.com/avila_gw2348_2.htm ), and get this error;

~ # /bin/olsrd_arm
/bin/olsrd_arm: /bin/olsrd_arm: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting

I also get the same error when trying to execute the i386 and mipsel
binaries. What could be wrong here?

An output from my cpuinfo

# cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Processor
Processor       : XScale-IXP42x Family rev 1 (v5b)

and my uname

# uname -a
Linux avila 2.6.15-uc0 #39 Fri Jul 28 15:02:42 EEST 2006 armv5teb unknown

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