[OLSR-users] Usage of BMF plugin

Erik Tromp (spam-protected)
Thu Oct 12 20:51:26 CEST 2006


Which application are you running on C ? Often, applications must
be configured to be listening on a specific network interface
(e.g. eth0, eth1, tun0) besides specifying on which IP-multicast adress 
to listen to (e.g. In your case you would have to
configure it to listen to tun0.


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> I am able to get the plug-in installed, and can see all the traffic, I'm 
> just not sure how my application is to get the packets.  Nor if I'm 
> understanding exactly what is going on correctly.  I'm new to multicast too.
> My setup is From A <-> B <-> C
> 'A' broadcasts a packet to a multicast address, B receives it on eth1, 
> encapsulates it in another packet and sends it to xxx.xxx.xxx.255 on 
> port 50698.  Machine 'C' gets the packet on eth1 and then unencapsulates 
> it and I see on the tun0 interface a packet that appears to be from 
> Machine 'A' to the multicast address originally chosen.  My application 
> on machine 'C' that has subscribed to the multicast group doesn't ever 
> see the packet come in on tun0.  Should I have a route for those 
> packets, I'm not sure how to route from the tun0 interface back to 
> eth1.  I do have /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward set to 1.
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks
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