[OLSR-users] Problem in olsrd_secure?

Vijay Kolaventy (spam-protected)
Sun May 21 21:20:10 CEST 2006


I have been testing olsr on 2 nodes, one on a WRAP
board and the other a linksys router. The nodes are
working great but the problem start when I try to use
the olsd_secure plugin.

Both these boards dont have onboard batteries so the
time always resets to something like 01/01/2000 on

Olsr_secure plugin uses timestamps to check replay
attacks. What I have observed is that the two routers
start off fine the first time with the secure plugin
but if one of the routers is powered off and then on
again, it gets rejected by the other router as the
timestamp from the powercycled router comes with a old

Is there a work around for this problem?

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