[OLSR-users] no bridging, iptable entries

Joe Bush (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 8 07:43:27 CEST 2006


After removing bridging I entered the iptable entries from the OpwnWrt
OlsrMeshHowto (http://wiki.openwrt.org/OlsrMeshHowto?highlight=%28olsr%29)
on the router. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be routing traffic
from/to the wlan interface to/from the internet, and it isn't allowing
communication between WLAN and LAN. Is there something critical
missing that the author of the page has overlooked, or is there
something in my configuration that needs changing?

I believe one solution might be to activate olsr on the LAN interface
as well, but that doesn't seem like the best solution. Opinions?

In addition, I want my oslr boxes to forward traffic from their LAN
ports, but I may have possibly misunderstood something? Is it possible
to allow traffic from the LAN ports without NAT or without designating
a subnet in an HNA4?


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