[OLSR-users] quagga and olsrd

Immo 'FaUl' Wehrenberg (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 8 00:09:21 CEST 2006

Hallo Travis,
du schrobst:

> Hello,
> As common as quagga is, I have seen extremely minimal discussion on
> either the dev or users list about quagga and olsrd interaction.
> olsrd manipulates the kernel routing table directly, any time a route is
> defined by zebra (doesn't matter if it's a /32 or a /24 or whatever) and
> olsr also injects the same route, zebra becomes very impolite and marks
> that route inactive.
> As I understand it, the solution to this would be to have olsrd speak
> zclient and inject routes via zebra rather than directly to the kernel
> routing table so zebra doesn't feel left out and doesn't get vindictive.=

> Side benefits would be the ability to redistribute OLSR routes via
> RIP/OSPF, as well as the ability to use OLSR as your IGP on the same
> router that is speaking BGP using quagga/bgpd to The Internet.
> Does anyone have any information regarding this topic?

I implemented some plugin, which is unfinished right now, but it has
some basic capabilitys. You may fetch the actuell sources via svn
on svn://sun.do.bundessicherheitsministerium.de/quagga/trunk/quagga.
which requires the routehandler-patch for olsrd (andreas promised to
apply it into the olsrd-cvs but haven't done it right now) which you
can get at
as well as some patches to quagga
(which is far away to be completed). There is a patch for quagga-cvs,
too, but it doesn't work and as I'm using this plugin on one of our
main boarder-bgp-router to the internet I cannot run mayor experiments
on that box.

Things that so far work are to redistribute miscellaneous routes from
quagga into olsr as well as export routes from olsr into quagga
(show ip routes olsr), but not redistribute any routes.

The actual showstopper that retardes current developement is the missing
metric in olsr-HNAs which basically fucks up my topologie. I'd really
like to see some extra-hna-message-type with metric (that can be
rexported into ospf, and from ospf for example).

Anyway, there isn't any ipv6-support though it shouldn't be to hard
to implement that.

Let me know if you find some bugs! :-)

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