[OLSR-users] quagga and olsrd

Travis Mikalson (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 8 00:47:32 CEST 2006

Thank you very much, I will give this code a try!

Immo 'FaUl' Wehrenberg wrote:
> Hallo Travis,
> du schrobst:
>> Hello,
>> As common as quagga is, I have seen extremely minimal discussion on
>> either the dev or users list about quagga and olsrd interaction.
>> olsrd manipulates the kernel routing table directly, any time a route is
>> defined by zebra (doesn't matter if it's a /32 or a /24 or whatever) and
>> olsr also injects the same route, zebra becomes very impolite and marks
>> that route inactive.
>> As I understand it, the solution to this would be to have olsrd speak
>> zclient and inject routes via zebra rather than directly to the kernel
>> routing table so zebra doesn't feel left out and doesn't get vindictive.=
>> Side benefits would be the ability to redistribute OLSR routes via
>> RIP/OSPF, as well as the ability to use OLSR as your IGP on the same
>> router that is speaking BGP using quagga/bgpd to The Internet.
>> Does anyone have any information regarding this topic?
> I implemented some plugin, which is unfinished right now, but it has
> some basic capabilitys. You may fetch the actuell sources via svn
> on svn://sun.do.bundessicherheitsministerium.de/quagga/trunk/quagga.
> which requires the routehandler-patch for olsrd (andreas promised to
> apply it into the olsrd-cvs but haven't done it right now) which you
> can get at
> http://faul.bundessicherheitsministerium.de/olsr-quagga/olsrd-0.4.10-routehandler.diff
> as well as some patches to quagga
> http://faul.bundessicherheitsministerium.de/olsr-quagga/quagga-0.98.5-olsr.diff
> (which is far away to be completed). There is a patch for quagga-cvs,
> too, but it doesn't work and as I'm using this plugin on one of our
> main boarder-bgp-router to the internet I cannot run mayor experiments
> on that box.
> Things that so far work are to redistribute miscellaneous routes from
> quagga into olsr as well as export routes from olsr into quagga
> (show ip routes olsr), but not redistribute any routes.
> The actual showstopper that retardes current developement is the missing
> metric in olsr-HNAs which basically fucks up my topologie. I'd really
> like to see some extra-hna-message-type with metric (that can be
> rexported into ospf, and from ospf for example).
> Anyway, there isn't any ipv6-support though it shouldn't be to hard
> to implement that.
> Let me know if you find some bugs! :-)
> FaUl
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