[OLSR-users] quagga and olsrd

Travis Mikalson (spam-protected)
Wed Jun 7 19:45:46 CEST 2006


As common as quagga is, I have seen extremely minimal discussion on 
either the dev or users list about quagga and olsrd interaction.

olsrd manipulates the kernel routing table directly, any time a route is 
defined by zebra (doesn't matter if it's a /32 or a /24 or whatever) and 
olsr also injects the same route, zebra becomes very impolite and marks 
that route inactive.

As I understand it, the solution to this would be to have olsrd speak 
zclient and inject routes via zebra rather than directly to the kernel 
routing table so zebra doesn't feel left out and doesn't get vindictive. 
Side benefits would be the ability to redistribute OLSR routes via 
RIP/OSPF, as well as the ability to use OLSR as your IGP on the same 
router that is speaking BGP using quagga/bgpd to The Internet.

Does anyone have any information regarding this topic?

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