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Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 24 13:33:59 CET 2006

Vinay, Bernd,

...bernd's right: I read that stuff here. Besides the technical issues, the 
OLSR-DHCP function was meant for attracting new users for mesh networking. 
Over time, focus has changed - so the DHCP function is a point one on my 
to-be-removed-list. Reasons:

- For a stable network, we need a) long time users and b) people with a 
correct network setup and c) people using good antennas. This is generally 
not true for a) windows whiners, b) for client-firewall-block-it-all 
software and c) for PCMCIA card owners -> see the "how do i configure my pc 
for IP forwarding" thread.

- It's more easy for non-experts to simply attach a cheap access point (go 
to the flea market and buy that stuff for $10) to the mesh device offering 
DHCP/NAT/Easy setups in their cafe / student flat / public room for that 
kind of function.

- DHCP attracts the wrong folks, basically spongers.

- Too many questions from blokes who refused to read their "Netmask and IP 
setup basic instructions for the entry level admin" manual.

Hence my hint: Use IPv6 to deploy autoconfig. Use fixed IP settings 

LG Sven-Ola

"Bernd Petrovitsch" <(spam-protected)> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
> On Fri, 2006-02-24 at 17:21 +0530, Vinay Menon wrote:
>> Thank you for the reply Bernd.
>> Well i while i was searching for more information i found a freifunk
>> firmware page
>> (http://styx.commando.de/sven-ola/ffen/cgi-bin/olsrd.html) which has a
>> term OLSR DHCP.Is that a part of olsr or would it be something that
>> the developer might have modified in his firmware itself ?.
> Sven-Ola is reading here AFAIK so he will correct me if I'm wrong:
> IMHO this is a special FreiFunk feature since the FreiFunk net consists
> if several (privately sponsored) Uplinks (to ordinary ISPs) with WLAN
> connectivity where each Uplink must masquerade the traffic to the
> Internet and the other FreiFunk uplinks. So you have one DHCP server on
> one WLAN antenna which gives you a private IP address for that net.
> It simply won't work in other way well (and I don't know if they need or
> have DHCP relayer or not).
> In Vienna the FunkFeuer net works very differently since we have public
> IP adresses here und (most of) the nodes are directly linked via WLAN
> connections and there is ATM one Uplink to the remaining Internet.
>> I do not have a central DHCP assigning machine.The nearest node will
>> assign a specific range of ip address.
> If you have several independent running DHCP servers, each must handout
> IP adresses from distinct networks (to avoid duplicates).
> The next question is: Do you hand out public ("official") IP adresses or
> private ones?
> But the most important feature of this answer is: I never mentioned OLSR
> or OLSRD here up to now since we are discussing ATM how to assign IP
> adresses to hosts (both technically and administratively).
> And both of FreiFunk and FunkFeuer use the very same (modulo version)
> Bernd
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