[OLSR-users] OLSR network stability

Mathias Mahnke (spam-protected)
Sat Feb 4 15:35:29 CET 2006

Marc Quinton wrote:
> where am I wrong ?
> I'm using OLSR with a rather large network in a small town. Network density is
> good to establish connexions between multiples routes.
> Network is not stable at all. 

What does it mean - "not stable at all". Route changes to ofter, 
instability of the daemon, or ...

Try upgrading to olsrd 0.4.10 at first, there are couple of bugs closed 
and a new feature (fisheye) added, which could help in large networks.

Mathias (our net is about 140 nodes, a few mobile, most static, wifi and 
ethernet links, openwrt, olsrd 0.4.9 + 0.4.10 + some nodes allready 
under fisheye)

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