[OLSR-users] re: HNA - what do I set Gateway to?

P C (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 27 02:22:19 CEST 2006

Could someone point me to a practical how-to with plenty of examples in english on configuring olsr wireless nodes?
Our internet gateways use HNA, but I still can't get it working.
I want our olsr nodes to also serve Non-olsr client PCs.
Should the node's DHCP server serve the node's own IP address
as the Gateway & DNS to the Non-olsr client PCs?  Right now,
I can't get this to work unless I set them to a real gateway.
We're using the following hardware/software:
-On Primary Nodes: WRAP.2C with one wireless mini-pci card, running pfSense.com beta3 router/firewall.
-On Ancillary Nodes: Linksys WRT54GS, running freifunk.net/wiki/FreifunkFirmwareEnglish

>>P C wrote:
>> So far I've set up my OLSR mesh with two Dynamic Internet gateway and a DHCP server with unique ranges on every wireless node.
>> So, on my DHCP servers, what do I serve the clients for Gateway and DNS server?

>If the gateways use HNA, there is no need for DHCP to set any gateway.

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