[OLSR-users] LQ Routing and 802.11b Link Speed

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Thu May 19 12:23:31 CEST 2005

Hi Andrew,

Yes, you're correct. If all three links have zero packet loss, then the
direct link is better ETX-wise. The idea behind ETX is to calculate the
necessary retransmissions of a packet. From A directly to C is only one
transmission (assuming zero packet loss). From A via B to C would be two
transmissions of the packet (again assuming zero packet loss).

Once the LQ code is stable, we should definitely think through this whole
ETX business again. Maybe we can come up with something even more

What you can do as of 0.4.9, however, is to use the LinkQualityMult
parameter to make the link between A and C artificially bad. Set the
parameter to 0.2 on one of the two nodes (see the LQ read-me file that
comes with the distribution) and the link quality used by olsrd will only
be 20% of the actual link quality.


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